4 Common Causes of Damage in Folding Arm Awnings

Image of folding arm awnings Sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters

So you just bought brand new folding arm awnings in Sydney, now what? Yes, getting a retractable awning in Sydney is a great choice to provide the design and function you need.


However, it does not end there.


You should be aware that like any piece of furniture, outdoor awnings in Sydney may also sustain damage and regular wear and tear over time. So what are the common causes of damage in outdoor awnings?


According to furniture experts, here are four of the most common reasons folding awnings in Sydney get damaged:


  1. Harsh weather conditions – Weather conditions such as storms and hail should be among your considerations on whether or not you will open your awning. Under these circumstances, it is strongly advised not to open your outdoor awning.
  2. Fabric placement is flat – Most awnings are required to be placed at least with a 15-degree angle. In doing so, you can achieve two things – you can prevent sagging of the fabric, and water accumulating after a rain.

Using the old trick of pushing the fabric up using a long stick is not good for the fabric.

  1. Heavy objects – While this is the most unlikely cause for damage among the four, it can still occur. Accidentally placing heavy objects on the fabric can damage its form and shape. This is a reason awnings should be open and up most of the time.
  2. Fire – Never place the awning in a location where it is susceptible to fire, or near any inflammable object. Because most of the awning is made up of fabric, it would get burned easily.


In addition to these causes, other reasons retractable awnings in Sydney get damaged include improper or forceful movement of folding arms, motorised function getting damaged, etc.


Now that you know which causes can lead to damage, you can carry out certain steps in order to prevent them. Maintaining your awnings is important, whether these are shop awnings in Sydney or just the ordinary ones used at home.
To find out more details and maintenance tips about folding arm awnings, you can contact Inwood Blinds and Awnings.With a combined 45 years of experience in handling awning maintenance and products, Inwood can definitely lend you a hand in keeping your awnings functioning perfectly. Call their number (02) 8858 0989 today.