4 Features that Make Motorised Awnings in Sydney Essential to Any Home

Image of motorised awnings in Sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters


Does your home have a patio or open area that you cannot use because it has no roof or shade? If you have this problem, it is good to know that you can install a retractable awning for covering and protection against the sun and other elements.


There are various window awnings you can choose from. They are often placed in a location where they can provide shade to an outdoor space. These can be manually operated awnings, but there are also electric awnings.


Unlike other awnings, motorised electric awnings are more convenient and easier to use. If you are interested in getting exterior awnings in Sydney for your outdoor area, here are the four features you will certainly love about them:


  1. Wireless – This particular awning does not have the flimsy wires that often get tangled up. Just install it outside your window or a specific area in your patio and you can control it without having to come near it, as it is

  2. Remote-operated – In addition to the wireless feature, these outdoor awnings in Sydney are also remote-operated. This means you can control this shade even if you are far away.

  3. Sensors – Depending on the type of awning, there are ones that have sensors for sun and wind. When they detect intense sunlight or too much wind pressure, they automatically operate either to provide shade, or fold up.

  4. Group Control – This feature enables you to control more than one awning at any given time. You can make group adjustments to every shade you have installed in your home with just a flick of a switch or touch of a button.


In addition to these features, there are also a number of folding arm awnings that operate using solar energy. For people who prefer manual awnings or exterior roller blinds because they do not consume electricity, this can be the equaliser.


Now that you are aware of the many features of electric and motorised awnings, it is now up to you whether you want to experience these conveniences or not. Fortunately, there is a trusted online site that you can rely on when it comes to shutters, blinds and awnings.

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