4 Reasons Why You Can Never Go Wrong with Timber Blinds in Sydney

Image of timber blinds in Sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters


Are you getting bored at the usual look of your room and you want to change something? But do you think you do not have enough time to clean and rearrange your entire room? Then maybe installing new blinds for the windows might help.


You may be thinking of purchasing  conventional roman or venetian blinds, or perhaps roller blinds that would add a distinct new look. But if you are looking for something special, you can never go wrong with wooden blinds. If you want to know the answer, then here are some reasons why purchasing timber blinds online may be the best idea you’ve ever had.


1. It offers variety


There are different materials that you can choose from in your outdoor blinds in Sydney. There is the PVC plastic that can be painted to look like wood, painted and natural stained blinds, or real timber such as Kiri and Western Red Cedar. Whatever material you choose, you will be ensured to get the highest quality products from Inwood Blinds and Shutters.


2. It is made to measure


Beware of stores where they sell timber venetian blinds in Sydney that have been pre-cut and pre-made. Most of the time, these blinds would not fit well into your windows. If you want a seamless or otherwise known as ‘no-holes’ design, you should contact a trusted seller that offers customised blinds.


3. It is made from locally grown timber

If ever you will choose a real timber for your custom-made blinds, make sure that the company has its own source of locally grown timber. This eliminates the transport time where the timber may be affected by insects or damaged, leading to cracks or holes that may ruin the otherwise customised look.


4. It is not that expensive


Contrary to what people believe, timber blinds are not that expensive. In fact, you can get timber-looking blinds at exactly the same price as your usual designs. The price range depends on the type of wood and the dimensions of the blinds.


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Now that you are aware of these four reasons, you may now check Inwood Blinds and Shutters, and check their product catalogue for a complete list of their blinds and shutters. For any questions or inquiries, just call (02) 8858 0989, and someone will get in touch with you very shortly.