Common Problems Encountered When Using Folding Arm Awnings in Sydney

Image of Folding Arms Awnings Sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters


Have you recently purchased folding awnings in Sydney that you are now using to protect yourself from too much sunlight? If yes, then you should also be aware of the common problems that people face when it comes to managing outdoor awnings.

Awnings are products that aim to provide shade to an external portion of the house by means of either a manually adjusted or motorised arm. The awning is usually made up of a cloth or some type of fabric that gets folded, and then expands and forms a shade when the arm moves.


One common type of awnings are drop arm awnings, which provide shade in relatively smaller areas such as the façade of shops, stores and other businesses. The purpose of this awning is to keep the things inside (merchandise, products, etc.) cool and away from the heat.


Unfortunately, the hinge in this particular awning can malfunction when not maintained well enough. If this is a manual awning, make sure it has enough oil or grease in order to operate smoothly.


On the other hand, there are also motorised awnings, which are usually used in more extravagant locations such as hotels, luxury establishments and other commercial spaces. If a person can afford it, it can also be placed near patios, gardens, backyards or even swimming pools.


One common problem that people encounter with this particular product is failure to operate. This is where testing becomes very important. Regular testing of the product should be a must, especially because it is electronically powered. You would not want to feel embarrassed in front of your guests just because your retractable awnings in Sydney malfunctioned.


As you may have observed, awnings come in different styles, materials, sizes, and prices. But do not be discouraged when you look into more expensive folding arm awnings price and costs. If you look harder, you will definitely see much cheaper options.


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