Easy Steps for Cleaning Vertical and Horizontal Window Blinds in Sydney

Image of window blinds sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters

Did you purchase some sun blinds because you admire how it transforms the appearance of your windows? Indeed, you will be amazed at how important these blinds are to an ordinary household. It adds another layer of design that did not previously exist. That is why it is just normal to ensure that these roman blinds in Sydney are maintained properly.


It does not take a genius to learn how to maintain and clean your Sydney blinds and screens. However, there basically two major types – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal blinds are the most popular version of the two. These sets of blinds work perfectly in small areas that need to be covered such as windows.


On the other hand, vertical blinds look better when used to cover huge spaces and gaps. These cheap blinds in Sydney are sometimes used as divisions and added protection for people within a particular room. To sum it up, both horizontal and vertical blinds have their various benefits and disadvantages. You just have to pick the right set of blinds for the job.


Here’s how to clean vertical blinds:


  • Use mild detergent in cleaning – Mild detergent would be okay in cleaning most types of materials, just make sure to rinse each one afterwards.
  • You may take out the slats and wipe them one by one – Taking out the slats from blinds equipment is difficult and complex. Remember that each slat represents a space in the equipment.
  • Make sure everything has dried before putting it to good use once more.


Here are simple tips when cleaning horizontal blinds:


  • Use mild detergent only.
  • Dust tends to accumulate in the slats, make sure to wipe each. This is particularly true with horizontal blinds. Dust settles on each slat due to gravity, and once it completely dries out, it may take some intense rubbing and wiping.
  • Let the blinds dry before using.


These are only a few tips on how you can maintain your window blinds. Of course, certain factors come in, such as the material, how the blinds are operated, and how big they are. In order to know more about these blinds in Sydney online, check out Inwood Blinds and Awnings.


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