Effective Tips for Painting Your Aluminum Shutters in Sydney


Image of aluminum shutters in Sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters

So you’ve decided to have Sydney aluminum shutters installed on your windows. It looked great at first, but after a few weeks and months the colour begins to fade. If you’ve grown tired of the bland colour, a fresh coat of paint will make it look new once again.


Applying paint on your Sydney aluminum shutters requires a little bit of attention and care. Here are some helpful tips you should first consider when painting your roller shutters:

  • Take the Sydney aluminum shutters out from its structure – While it may seem easier to just apply or spray paint directly to the attached plantation shutters, some paint may not cover some hard-to-reach portions.

  • Clean it first – After taking the roller shutters out of its window structure, clean it gently with a damp cloth to take away any mildew, pollen or dirt that may have stuck on its surface. Then, wipe away the remaining liquid with a dry cloth before applying paint.  

  • Choose your paint – There are various paints needed especially if your rollers are made from aluminum. You should prepare topcoat paint as well as a primer. Remember that your paint should be able to withstand harsh temperatures outdoors.  

  • Know the basics of painting – You have two options in applying paint – either by brush or spray. Brush applies an even coatings and is the ideal choice in most cases. On the other hand, spray paint is also a popular option to paint hard-to-reach areas, rollers cannot get to.


These are very important tips that you should not ignore if you want to succeed in bringing out a new look for your aluminum shutters. With a fresh coat of paint, your aluminum shutters in Sydney will not just look clean, but also brand new.


You also have the option of choosing the color you want when purchasing your shutters in Sydney. This way you don’t have to go through the entire process of applying or spraying paint.


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