Sydney Shutters: Getting Style and Functionality at the Same Time

Image of Shutters Sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters


Have you just moved into a new home that you bought? Do you want to make your home’s façade stand out compared to your neighbors? If you answered yes to both these questions then it may be wise to get Sydney blinds and shutters that would fit.

For any newly built home, one of the parts that look dull and common are the windows. Unless specified, these windows often look the same as other homes in the neighborhood. If you don’t do something about it, your home would end up looking exactly like your neighbor’s.

Why outdoor shutters?

Unlike indoor shutters, external shutters are visible from the outside, thus allowing you to enjoy both its stylistic and functional benefits. Here are some of the most popular shutters that provide a unique look and design for your windows, while doing its actual function at the same time.

Roller Shutters

This type of shutter is opened through rolling, giving a nice look whenever it is rolled up. This can be made up of durable plastic, or even wood to provide a more sophisticated look and feel.

Plantation Shutters

Unlike rollers that simply roll up, plantation shutters are ‘planted’ on the windowpane. This simply means that these shutters are fixed and cannot be moved. However, what makes it stand out is that there are also blinds within the shutter to make it look like it is part of the design. This type of shutter is usually made up of plastic or wood.

As you can see, there are a number of outdoor shutters that you can choose to install into your windowpane. Shutters in Sydney have become very popular because it is among the easiest ways to beat the heat in the city while maintaining a stylish look for your home.

Now that you know more about external shutters, it is now time to look for a trusted business that can provide the particular products that you need. Fortunately, Inwood Blinds and Shutters is here to offer your shutters, awnings and blinds needs.

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