Which Do You Need? Window Shutters or Patio Awnings in Sydney?

Image of patio awnings in Sydney by Inwood Blinds and Shutters


Are you torn between getting window shutters and outside awnings in Sydney? If you are, then here is some important information for you. First, you should realise that the two are two different types of coverings that serve two different purposes: one is attached in windows to provide protection from sunlight and control sunlight from entering a portion of the house, while the patio sun shades are placed outside to protect an area from the sun.


Now, which of the two do you need or would you need for your home? For you to know that you should first answer a few questions.


  • Do you have a garden, patio or open space outside your home? If your answer is a yes, then you probably need patio shades to provide protection from the sun. There are various types of awnings you can choose from, ranging from folding, single arm, and even motorised.

  • Do you think your windows do not have enough protection against sunlight? If so, you may choose from shutters or window awnings in Sydney. These awnings serve a similar purpose to patio shades, but they are situated outside windows.

  • Do you often hold events outside your home like a small garden or in a pool? In this case, you will need outdoor patio awnings that can extend and provide shade to your guests.

  • Do you want a window covering that does not extend outside, but provide additional design cues inside your home? If you want this kind of purpose, then shutters, or even roller blinds can do the trick for you.


As you may have observed, Sydney awnings have a lot of functions that you can use for your home. Whether it is for a patio or area, or just a window, an awning can do the job every time. If you want to get a more sophisticated shade, you may also opt for the automatic and motorised awnings that operate by remote and through sensors.


Based on the scenarios presented above, getting a window shutter or awning is really an important investment that can protect your family from too much heat coming from the sun. If you are interested in more of these products, just check out Inwood Blinds and Shutters, which is among the most trusted providers of shades in Sydney and neighboring areas. To get a price quotation, just call (02) 8858 0989.